Lucy’s private charges are £150 per person per session.

Each session lasts 2 hours. This includes time spent in mediation and a letter summarising discussions and decisions reached. Further charges at a lesser rate are charged for drafting Agreements to be made legally binding and financial summaries. These will be agreed in advance with the client. Intake meetings are charged at a flat rate of £80.

Depending on your particular case, you may resolve your issues in between 1 and 4 sessions. It could be longer depending on the circumstances but on average people attend around 3 to 4 sessions before reaching settlement.

The rates charged by mediators are substantially lower than those of solicitors. You pay for one mediator instead of two solicitors. Issues are resolved in family mediation a lot more quickly than in litigation. The average length of time for a mediation is 3-5 sessions over 3 months. A typical case resolved through the court system can take between 6-18 months.

Lucy also offers pro bono mediations in certain circumstances.

This is a private practice and does not offer mediation funded by legal aid. To check your eligibility for legal aid, go to’s legal aid eligibility checker.

On the FMA and FMC websites there are lists of mediators who practice Legal Aid in this area.