Although your relationship as a couple has changed, you continue as co-parents for the rest of your children’s lives.

“How you handle things now will become part of the story of their childhood, who they are and who they become in the future” – Ruth Smallacombe, FMA Senior Mediator & Counsellor, Family Law in Partnership

Children can become caught in the crossfire of a conflict. Research shows that continuing unresolved conflict (in both intact and separated families) can have a profound impact on children’s mental health and wellbeing. Child focussed mediation can help reduce parental conflict and if managed well, separation and divorce doesn’t have to be harmful to them. Talking directly with each other in a safe structured environment and capturing the good intent that lies in every parent to do what’s best for their children, can help this happen.

The Courts expect parents to reach agreements about their children between themselves without going to court if possible. Mediators recognise that parents know their children best and are best able to decide what is in their interests (even though their views may differ). Your reaching agreement over arrangements for children can be seen as one of the best safeguards for their welfare to ensure their core needs are met and they continue to thrive and develop.