It can be quicker and cheaper than long drawn-out court battles.

It gives you more say about what happens.

It’s less stressful, with less conflict between you both.

Families are dynamic and changing. Your children will develop and grow and may have different needs at different ages. The agreements you make can be changed if your circumstances change.

It can be less upsetting or damaging for any children involved and helps them continue important family relationships.

Disagreements that you have whilst in the same room as each other can be dealt with there and then, rather than through protracted correspondence.

Each of you gets a chance to have your views heard in a safe and structured environment.

You can also look in mediation at how to communicate with each other in the future and be prepared if communication breaks down.

Mediation is future focussed and aims to help couples move on in a positive way with dignity and respect for each other.