• Mediation is VOLUNTARY

It’s your choice to take part, you can freely leave the process at any stage, so you are more likely to own the decisions made and stick to them.

  • Mediators are IMPARTIAL and don’t take sides

They don’t make judgements about who is right or wrong, but look to the future to help you find solutions best suited to you and your family.

  • All discussions in mediation are CONFIDENTIAL

Proposals put forward cannot be referred to in legal proceedings. This means you can come to mediation with an openness and freedom to think creatively about your settlement. Any agreement reached can be made legally binding.


You and your partner lead the decision making, whilst the mediator manages the process. You will need to live with those decisions, so you are best placed to make them.

  • Mediation is CHILD FOCUSSED

If you have children, mediation keeps children as the central focus in all discussions so that their voices are heard and their needs taken into account. Mediators recognise that parents are the experts about what is best for their children.

Mediation is not

Mediation is not marriage guidance counselling. It is for when couples have made the decision to separate or divorce and are deciding what arrangements to make for their future.

Mediators do not offer legal advice only legal information. To give either party individual advice would jeopardise the aim of fairness to you both. You can obtain legal advice to support the process and ensure you are happy that what you have decided is fair. Lucy Thomas Family Mediation works alongside those offering legal and other professional services.