Family Mediation Process

You will both come to a separate ‘Intake Meeting’ to find out about mediation and the alternatives for resolving your dispute, to help you make an informed decision about whether mediation is for you or not. The mediator talks to you both separately and in confidence at this stage and will ask lots of questions about your situation and your main concerns to help assess whether mediation would be appropriate and helpful to you both.

The mediator needs to be sure that you will both feel safe to speak openly without fear of repercussion and are able to represent your own interests. If you wish to go ahead with mediation and your case is suitable, then you will both come to meetings together. With the mediator’s help you can agree ground rules for the session, identify concerns and issues, explore different options available to you to resolve those concerns and finally look for areas of agreement and proposals.

If you are discussing finances, you will exchange ‘open’ financial information so that you have a complete picture of where you stand as a family. A mediator can explain to you how, after taking legal advice, you can enter into a legally binding agreement based on the proposals arrived at in mediation.