Family Mediation Process

Based in Dulwich and Brockley, Lucy mainly sees clients across South East London. Lucy deals with a range of private work including divorce, financial settlement and children issues, but she also carries out some pro bono work.  She offers Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings MIAMs as part of the mediation process and if you are making an application to court for children or finances.

Lucy can act as a sole mediator or can work alongside other mediators (co-mediation), depending on the circumstances of the case.  She is also qualified to carry out Child Inclusive Mediation.  

If you are unable to be in the same room as each other Lucy can run a ‘shuttle mediation’ where you can both be seen between two rooms (although the aim of mediation is direct communication between you both). Lucy can mediate online and is registered with the government (MOJ) Mediation Voucher Scheme which gives you £500 towards the cost of mediation.